Routes out of Crisis - An International Conference by ILO and OECD

Employment, skills, and local government responses were the major topics  
An international conference on “Routes out of the crisis - Strategies for local employment recovery, skills development and social protection in Asia’ was held from 1 to 3 December 2009 in Malang, Indonesia. The overall aim of the meeting was to strengthen the capacity of constituents, policy makers and practitioners at local level to undertake effective employment recovery and skills strategies in response to the financial and economic crisis.

Specifically, the meeting contributed to increased understanding of the employment and skills impact in relation to the crisis; and improved capacity for the design of effective local employment and skills strategies to support existing national responses to the crisis. 

The meeting will result in documented cases of local policy responses, a set of conclusions around core themes and, possibly, a short list of key recommendations to national and local policy makers. A future joint ILO/OECD publication would bring these elements together after the meeting. The conclusions and recommendation will, inter alia, be used as inputs to the bi-annual ILO Asian Regional Meeting of Labour Ministries, Employers’ and Workers’ Organizations and will be reported on to the OECD LEED Directing Committee at its 56th Session (May 2010). The results will also feed the development of the ESSSA initiative in providing further work orientations and will be utilized in further ILO support to national and local response strategies in Asia. 

In addition to being an active contributor to the conference, Economica also prepares a country case study about the local government’s responses to economic crisis in Vietnam, with focus on some selected provinces. The study implemented by Economica is also selected to be published in the joint ILO/OECD publication.

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