Despite tremendous improvements in the last few decades, the environment to do business in Vietnam, and many Asian countries remain complex and challenging. Social progresses and environment norms in many cases lag far behind the business and economic boom in many of the countries in the region. Inequality is growing and poverty reduction is slowing down. These development issues remain and need to be addressed by innovative and tailor-made solutions which can fit to and work in the local contexts. Born ...

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[5 November 2023] — Vietnam is expected to enter a new phase of growth as the country is looking to unlock its tremendous potential and capitalise on the growing interest of international business leaders and investors. Within the framework of Vietnam Venture Summit 2023 on October 30, the Vietnam National Innovation Centre (NIC) and Golden Gate Ventures launched a report outlining the country’s growth trajectory. “Road to Greatness: Rewriting Vietnam’s Growth Playbook” pulls back the curtain on ...

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According to ILO, informal employment refers to ‘all employment arrangements that do not provide individuals with legal or social protection through their work, thereby leaving them more exposed to economic risk’. Informal employment refers to jobs, whether in the formal or informal sector, that are not covered by labour regulation, taxation, social protection or other employment benefits. The term informal economy workers refers to those who hold informal employment. According to the General Statistics ...

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