Training - Capacity Building

Economica Vietnam have strong experience in training, coaching and capacity building. In this respect, the firm’s expertise include:

  • Training need assessment;
  • Training course and curriculum development.;
  • Deliver of training courses on specific topic, e.g. institutional strategic management, policy advocacy capacity of business associations, innovative tools in regulatory reforms e.g. standard cost model (SCM), regulatory impact assessment (RIA), diagnostic tool to audit the capacity of business association, local economic development, economic governance, etc. 
  • Training, coaching and backstopping in project management;
  • Training, coaching and backstopping in M&E;
  • Design, facilitate and implementation of exchange visits, study tours to Vietnam

Examples of training and capacity building offered by Economica Vietnam:

  • Design, organization of study tours for the Governments, business stakeholders, business associations from Nepal, Laos, Cambodia,  the Philippines... to Vietnam on various learning topics, e.g. regulatory reforms, local economic development, local governance, SME development, private sector development, value chains development (2009-2017).
  • Coaching to improve the institutional capacity and policy advocacy capacity for business associations, e.g. Soc Trang Business Association (2016), Vietnam Poultry Business Assocation (2015-2016), and An Giang Business association (2015-2016) with funding respectively by CIDA and AusAID/The Asia Foundation.
  • Design and delivery of training courses on regulatory impact assessment (RIA), standard cost model (SCM) for law universities, public administration colleges, and selected ministries with funding by the USAID-financed Governance for Inclusive Growth (2014).
  • Implementation of the Training Project and Institutional Development Plan for sectoral business associations under the UNIDO Cluster Development Project (2012);
  • Training for Government officials and MOLISA on monitoring and evaluation for the purpose of the Unemployment Law (ILO, 2011).
  • Implementation of the Capacity Building  Project for 8 business associations for Eurocham under EU MUTRAP Project (2010-2011);
  • Training on local economic governance for provincial governments in Cao Bang, Phu Yen, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Dak Nong, etc.
  • Development of the training module and delivery of the training course on Standard Cost Model (SCM) as a tool in regulatory reforms for the Special Taskforce of the Government Project on Administrative Reform under the IFC Business Licensing Project;
  • Training need assessment, curriculum development and delivery of training to strengthen the capacity of Vietnamese business associations in trade policy advocacy under the MUTRAP III/ Eurocham project;
  • Training for Vietnamese partners on M&E, knowledge management under ILO Local Economic Development Project;
  • Training course on regulatory impact assessment (RIA) for the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Home Affairs.