Economica Vietnam honored with Award by the Government Office

[19 Feb 2011] On 19 February 2011, the Office of the Government (OoG) organized a conference to review the performance of the Government Special Taskforce  and the Advisory Council on Administrative Reform. The event also marked the official launch of the Administrative Procedure Monitoring Authority. Present at the event were Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung - Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc - Minister and Head of the Government Office, representatives from the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the National Assembly, the 24 ministries and government bodies, and 19 provinces, international organizations, business associations, lawyers and consultants of the project.



The national Administrative Reform Project which is often known as Project 30 has completed its second phase. Under the project, the Government has issued 25 resolutions to simplify and remove nearly 5,000 administrative procedures. If the resolutions are implemented, about 37% or US$ 1.5 billion of compliance costs will be saved each year for the citizens and the businesses in Vietnam. The reforms proposed and implemented under the Project made Vietnam to be among the top ten reformers in the Doing Business ranking of the World Bank in 2010. 



At the event, the Prime Minister and the Government Office handed out awards to selected institutions and individuals for their special contribution to the project. Acting on behalf of Economica Vietnam team, the managing director of the firm, Le Duy Binh, received the certificate of award from the Minister, Head of the Government Office for the firm’s contribution to the project. This is an honor for the firm’s staff, associate experts, and consultants. Under the project, Economica Vietnam has contributed to reviewing administrative procedures and business licenses which are affecting the business community, especially in business start up, banking operation licenses, tax, customs, transportation, climate change etc. It also behind the efforts to introduce the concept and the methodology of standard cost model (SCM) under the project through a capacity building initiative for the Office of the Government and the 24 ministries in Vietnam. The firm also contributed to a communication campaign to advocate for reforms of the administrative procedures and business licenses which it reviewed. 



Economica Vietnam contributed to the Project under the umbrella of a cooperation partnership between the Advisory Council and the Special Taskforce of the Government Office on Administrative Reforms and the International Finance Corporation (IFC/WB). In the next phase, Economica Vietnam will continue its contribution, especially in reforming administrative procedures and business licenses in the field of investment, labor, banking, securities, promotion of technology application, environment, R&D and innovation in enterprises. 

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