Economica experts be part of the MPI’s SME White Book Drafting Team

[8 October 2011] -  The SME White Book has become an annual publication of the Enterprise Development Agency (EDA) of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). The white book has become an important document on the SME sector in Vietnam. The 2010 SME White Book is being implemented with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

In publishing the white book, EDA aims at:

  • Reviewing what has been achieved by enterprises in recent years based on the most updated official statistics and data.
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of the constraints and opportunities faced by Vietnamese SMEs and identification of prioritized actions to address the constraints.
  • Developing a shared vision about the future direction of business development, including the stronger linkage between SME, larger firms and foreign invested enterprises.
  • Building public awareness on the contribution of Vietnamese SMEs to economic development and poverty reduction.

The white book provides an overall environment on SME development in Vietnam. It provides statistics, in-depth analysis on the SME sector, description of Government’s programs and initiative, international cooperation in SME development. The white book also offers a prospect on the development of the SME sector in Vietnam in the next few years. 

Experts from Economica Vietnam are part of the drafting team of the white book. It is expected by ADB and EDA that the team from Economica Vietnam can bring its experience and knowledge on SME in Vietnam, experience in the implementation of different researches, e.g. the study on the Quality and Performance of Private SMEs in Vietnam, the formulation of the VCCI SME Annual Report to the white book.

The SME White Book for 2010 and the years before could be downloaded at the Resource Centre of this website.