Staff and Network

Economica’s professional staff and associates, the core assets of a consulting firm, have strong experience in both the development work and in business advisory services. In the field of development, our staffs and associates are particularly strong at business sector development, private sector development, enterprise promotion, regulatory and administrative reforms, economic governance, local economic development, labor, and value chain development. In business consulting, we have considerable work experience in strategic management, corporate governance, conflict management, corporate social responsiblity and investment consulting.
Economica’s competitive advantage is based on its strong network with partner companies, organizations, research institutes, business associations, freelance consultants and associates in Vietnam and abroad. In such a partnership, we can offer  package solutions to complicated demands of clients. Our partner companies and associates are operating in different fields, ranging from law, strategic management, market research, information technology, public relations, communication and media.   
Our staff and associates are members of different business and professional associations, e.g. the Business Legal Club under the Ministry of Justice, the Advisory Team on Local Economic Governance under VCCI, etc.