White Paper – Disaster Risks, Climate Change and Responses of Vietnamese Businesses

Climate change has been a major global concern in the 21st century due to all the harm it has caused. Yet, not everyone is fully aware of the risks, threats, and even opportunities for various economic sectors.

Prepared by Economica Vietnam, the “White Paper – Disaster Risks, Climate Change, and Responses of Vietnamese Businesses” explores the potential impacts of climate change and natural disasters on Vietnamese businesses and the economy, analyzes how businesses can respond to climate change and the potential opportunities it brings, all while stressing the importance of the case that government agencies, donors, and other stake holders should continue to support businesses in tackling the climate change threat.

The authors hope this white paper will encourage business in Vietnam to become active participants in the nation’s response to climate change.

This paper was conducted by Economica Vietnam with the support by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and The Asia Foundation (TAF).

Please click here to download the document in English and in Vietnamese.

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